Calvin Harris drags Taylor Swift on Twitter over hit song

Calvin Harris drags Taylor Swift on Twitter over hit song

Break-ups are never easy, just ask Taylor Swift and her ex Calvin Harris, who having been throwing major shade at each other since they parted ways a few weeks ago.


Calvin took to Twitter this week to not only set the record straight about the co-writing credits on his collaboration with Rihanna, This Is What You Came For, but he also took a major jab at her current relationship.

Taylor is currently dating actor Tom Hiddleston. The pair officially came out as a couple two weeks after her break-up with Calvin was announced! In less than one-and-a-half months of dating, Hiddleswift has already met each other’s parents, gone on romantic getaways, and are wearing matching clothing.

But back to Calvin’s Twitter rant that has trended around the world.  

It all started when Taylor’s team confirmed that she had co-written the single under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg while the pair were still dating.

There is nothing odd about that really, except Taylor had initially said that she did not want anyone to know she co-wrote the megahit. So all this time Calvin has been getting all the credit for yet another amazing track.

Then out the blue Taylor’s team is revealing to the world that, wait a minute, she is also responsible for one of his biggest hits.

Calvin thought the move was a low blow aimed at embarrassing him, and decided to let the whole world know that Taylor Swift is the real life version on Regina George – you know, the Mean Girls character who is deceiving, belittling, and, well, mean?

He admitted in several tweets that yes, Queen Taylor did co-write the song and even sang some backing vocals.

“And she sings on a little bit of it too. Amazing lyric writer and she smashed it as usual,” he tweeted.

It all turned sour when Calvin told Taylor to focus on her new relationship with Tom and stop trying to do to him what she did to Katy Perry. Ouch!

Katy Perry and Taylor’s feud has been going on for years, with the pair taking public shots at each other, so Calvin even mentioning Katy is really sticking it to his ex.

Check out his shady tweets.

What do you guys make of Calvin’s rant? 

Is he just being a petty ex, or has he proved that Taylor Swift is 100% the Regina George of the music industry? 

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