British-South African YouTuber Caspar Lee pays it forward to his hometown
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British-South African YouTuber Caspar Lee pays it forward to his hometown

With over seven-million YouTube Followers, this young guy has not forgotten his roots. Watch this incredible video and more in Thursday's edition of 'Hot Goss' with Jane.

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WATCH: Caspar Lee offers Knysna student full bursary

The 23-year-old YouTube sensation had recently been thinking about how he could spend his money and decided that he would start paying for a student's school fees in Knysna. 

What an absolute honey! Love it when young people extend love and kindness to other young people.

Caspar Lee is such a cutie and what an amazing heart and generous spirit. This is also not the first time this young guy has supported Knysna. Earlier this year, he also donated an amazing R255,000 to the town's Rotary Fire Fund.

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Usher and wife Grace Miguel split

Usher and his wife Grace Miguel have called it quits after two years of marriage. It's never nice hearing of couples breaking up but love how this split seems to have been done with mutual love and respect.

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Jules Winnfield + DAHLIA

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Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) reveals Denzel Washington paid for him to go to college

Oscar-winner Denzel Washington paid part of his tuition through a scholarship programme while he took a summer class studying drama at Oxford University.

Geez, Denzel paying for your college tuition is a pretty big deal! I love how he didn't do it for the world to know but rather he backed young talent and put his money where his mouth is.

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