Brave homeowner fights off robbers with his bare hands

Brave homeowner fights off robbers with his bare hands

The bravery of this homeowner is being applauded by many around the world. 

Homeowner fights off / Facebook
Homeowner fights off / Facebook

Brave, courageous, and heroic are a few words that people are using to describe Asif Ali. The 35-year-old homeowner from Britain fought off masked intruders who tried robbing him and his wife in their home. 

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Ali cites that his instinct just 'kicked in' during the traumatic incident. This was in order to protect his wife, who was upstairs at the time. 

It was his dog that alerted him to movement at his front door. When he went to check what was happening, he saw a man dressed up in black and who was balaclava-clad. Suddenly, another walked in, and it was at this moment that Ali started throwing punches bravely at the intruders. 

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After releasing the video to the public, he has offered a reward of £5,000 (over R90,000) to anyone who is able to identify the robbers.

“They knew we were home. The lights were on, the cars were on the drive, the doors were open, and they've come into our home armed, knowing there were people inside, knowing there would likely be a confrontation and knowing they would cause some damage. Someone out there knows who these people are. They need to be caught before they do it again," he told a publication.

Thankfully, both he and his wife walked away unharmed, and Ali is definitely the bravest person we've seen during an incident such as this. 

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