Bonang chooses to plead the 5th about her ex AKA

Bonang chooses to plead the 5th about her ex AKA

Is it okay to publicly shame an ex if they did you wrong?

Bonang interview on SABC 3
Instagram - Bonang Matheba

Bonang had a rare sit-down interview with Real Talk on SABC 3, and when asked about her past relationship with AKA, she politely chose to ignore the questions, gaining her respect and some anger on Twitter. People wanted her to dish out the details, but the interview instead focused on her career and achievements. 

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I have such admiration for folk who walk away from a relationship and don't do the whole slamming to anyone who will listen. As for Facebook shaming, hell no! 

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A departure from a relationship, of course, depends on the situation. I can't imagine it would be a cheery, respectful ordeal if you caught your man cheating, for example.

Of course, everyone tuned into the Real Talk to hear her answer the AKA and DJ Zinhle questions - why did AKA and her break-up, was their cheating involved, and how are things with her and DJ Zinhle in a nutshell?

Like the true pro that she is, she completely avoided all those questions and moved on with the interview. 

Just the other day, AKA was in the studio with the East Coast Radio Drive team, and, well, a little shade was thrown. When asked by Bongani if he and 'Beyonce' were still on talking terms, he responded with an unflinching "no". 

 If you were to have a lousy break-up, would you speak ill of your ex to those around you or publicly?

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