Black Coffee working on a song for Rihanna & Jay-Z

Black Coffee working on a song for Rihanna & Jay-Z

The South African hit-maker, Black Coffee is potentially working on a song with Rihanna and Jay-Z and we couldn't be prouder.

Black Coffee Miami Diddy

What a cool story! 

Anyone that knows me knows I love a strong cup of strong coffee. This time around the talk of the town is the man that makes the dance floor rock. South African DJ, Black Coffee.

I love a local story that sees a fellow South African making a success overseas.

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Black Coffee has always been a guy to watch and more so now as his hard work and reputation has names like Ri-Ri and Jay-Z waiting in line for their turn to work with the South African hitmaker.

During a recent interview, he said he sent them some songs for consideration, they enquired about the one he had recorded for Cassie because "Rihanna wants that one". Later talking about Jay-Z he said; "Swizz reached out and said Jay is looking for one song before he concludes his album. It freaked me out. I am in Milan, I couldn't sleep. He literally called me: 'I spoke to Jay. Jay wants a song.' I couldn't sleep. Then I didn't work. I couldn't. How do you produce a song for Jay -Z? He kept saying: Ýo, man. I'm waiting'. I think I failed him but subconsciously I think I wanted to. I wasn't ready."

I love that he turned down Rihanna's request to hand over the song he wrote for Cassie and instead he would work on something for her. Most people would gravitate towards the bigger name, not this guy. I love his music, his loyalty and his style. Shine on black coffee!

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