Black Coffee has a doppelgänger with similar career hopes

Black Coffee has a doppelgänger with similar career hopes

He calls himself DJ Ricoffy and he shares an uncanny resemblance with DJ Black Coffee. Get the scoop on this and much more in today's edition of the 'Hot Gos'.

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'I'm following in his footsteps,' says DJ Ricoffy

The young, up-and-coming DJ also shares a keen love for music and aspires to be as legendary as DJ Black Coffee. Last week, Black Coffee tweeted out about the young man and people have begun to take a keen interest in him.

Wow, the likeness is off the hook?! His name makes me smile, too!

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'Frasier' star John Mahoney dies

He played the part of Martin Crane, a cranky, injured ex-police officer, and dad on the hit TV series 'Frasier'. John Mahoney died at the age of 77 after a brief stay in hospital. 

Aaaah, I loved this guy. I loved watching 'Fraiser' and one of the main reasons was him, his dog, and walking stick.

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Uma Thurman shares clip of 'Kill Bill' car crash

During the shooting of 'Kill Bill' the movie back in 2009, Uma Thurman was involved in a car crash on set during a stunt. Quentin Tarantino (film director) said that it was the biggest regret of his life putting her in that car to do the stunt. At the time, the incident was covered up by many film executives, including Harvey Weinstein, who Uma holds solely responsible. 

The thought of being injured in a car accident is a terrifying thought. Thankfully I have only ever been in a fender bender type of accident, and that was frightening enough!

This footage is hectic and could have ended so badly.

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