The best and most breathtaking wedding photos of 2016

The best and most breathtaking wedding photos of 2016

Wow! These are definitely wedding photo goals.

best wedding photos 2016
Victor Lax Photography / Via

Planning a wedding is hard work. It involves a lot of preparation and everything needs to go according to plan for the big day. But above everything else that needs to be done, getting a good photographer to capture those special moments is by far the most important. 

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Every year Junebug Weddings chooses the best wedding photos to be showcased in their annual Best of the Best Wedding Photography Collection. Over 9000 images are sent through from photographers all over the world and only 50 make it into the collection.

Take a look at some of the breathtaking photo's that made it into the collection: 

warm emotional embrace
Theilen Photography / Via
dashing through the woods
Lanny Mann / Via
lit bride and groom
Tara Lilly Photography / Via
soaked with love
Orsolya Lazar / Via
joyful dance
Robert Mauriell Photography / Via
sunset wedding
Danelle Bohane / Via
rice toss wedding
Gustavo Franco Fotografia / Via Instagram: @gustavofrancofotografia
magical moment
Meutia Ananda / Via
high flying groom
Roy Nuesca Photography / Via
magestic duo couple
Victor Lax Photography / Via

To view the entire collection of Junebug Weddings Best of the Best Wedding Photography Collection for 2016, click here.

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