Beachgoers work together to save around 20 stranded whales

Beachgoers work together to save around 20 stranded whales

A group of beachgoers banded together to perform a massive rescue effort that has been praised by many on social media.

Beachgoers in Georgia / Facebook
Beachgoers in Georgia / Facebook

Described as 'an emotional rescue effort', beachgoers in Georgia, USA have been praised for coming together to save a pod of whales that were beached. 

Video footage has surfaced showing the 14-minute long rescue mission which occurred near St. Simons Island's East Beach, according to Indian Express.

The woman who captured the video said they saw a lot of people in the water and thought it was "some sort of show", but as they got closer, it was a devastating sight. 

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The massive group of individuals managed to rescue most of the whales, but sadly three of them died.

It is not entirely certain how the situation occurred, but these beachgoers' efforts have certainly not gone unnoticed. 

Such heroes! Watch the rescue mission below:

Check out the pics here: 

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