Are theme parties still a thing in 2018?
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Are theme parties still a thing in 2018?

Most of us find an excuse to have a party, but is having a theme party too outdated for 2018?

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Just about everyone knows that I love having a party. A few weeks ago, we threw an amazing party for the kids, which didn't quite go as expected due to the weather, but it was a blast nonetheless. 

I had to have a good laugh this past weekend. A mate of mine called blushing that she had attended a wedding and there was a dress code that she didn't know about. She arrived wearing a white dress to the wedding, and every other guest was there wearing black. The only two in white were her and the bride. Awks! 

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She said it turned into a joke as the evening went on and pictures were being taken of her, the bride, and the groom. 

It got me thinking though, are theme parties in 2018 still a thing? You would know by now that I love an excuse to dress up, but I'm not sure how others feel about it.

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