Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom engaged?

Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom engaged?

Could it be true? The internet is losing it after Katy Perry was seen with a rock on her finger!

katy perry and orlando bloom

What a wonderful couple these two make, wouldn't you say? It's so lovely to see Katy all smiles in the company of the dashing Orlando Bloom.

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As much as I love Russell Brand, he must be a terror to be involved with. This match seems to fit Katy a lot better by the look and feel of the photographs we get to see.

Katy and Orlando were spotted recently at a bar in New York and as you can imagine, the internet blew up when Katy was seen sporting a rock on her left finger.

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Not hiding the giant under a sleeve, she boldly lead and flaunted her left hand and seemed to be proud to share 'the news’.

Time will tell if there will be fireworks over a celebration of "I do’s".

Take a look at the photo captured which sparked the rumors below...

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