Anna Faris body shamed over 'skinny' underwear pic

Anna Faris body shamed over 'skinny' underwear pic

Fans troll Anna Faris over her appearance, Thuso Mbedu gets an Emmy nod, and we finally find out why Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton aren't married yet. This and more on #HotGoss with Jane. 

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Anna Faris gets skinny-shamed over an Instagram pic 

Anna Faris is the latest actress facing the heat from trolls on Instagram.

This comes after she uploaded a pic of herself in her underwear pretending to throw up into a bin before her podcast, Unqualified, began - a series that she's been running since 2015. 

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While some saw the humour in the post, trolls quickly jumped at the opportunity to skinny-shame the 41-year-old, saying that she is 'too thin', that she should 'please eat', and adding that the photo is 'alarming'. The trolls' comments forced her to delete the picture shortly after.

It's sad that this new-age of social media has such a strong power over us. Whatever the trolls say, Anna is still one gorgeous woman!

Thuso Mbedu nominated for yet another Emmy

Another South African name has made us proud! 

South African actress Thuso Mbedu has been nominated for an Emmy Award - for the second year in a row! Eek! 

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It is reported that the 27-year-old is up for the Best Actress Award for her performance as Winnie Bhengu in Mzansi Magic’s, Is’thunzi

The star took to her Instagram to post the news: "I don't know hey... 😢 Issa 2-time International Emmy Nominee 😱 OK. I'm done. Thank you, God. Thank you, Rapid Blue. Thank you, tribe."

Mark your diaries - the Emmy's take place on the 19th of November. Bring it home. We're holding thumbs for you, girl! 

Here's why Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton aren't married yet 

For a couple as gorgeous and talented as Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, one can only wonder why the pair hasn't tied the knot as yet?

The pair have been dating since 2015 following simultaneous divorces, and it seems like they are just loving the time spent with each other, and building a stronger, more solid relationship with each passing day.

In an interview with NBC back in June, Shelton admitted that the bond they have grows each day, and with each day comes a new level for them. 

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, Gwen said that she thinks about being married to Blake "all the time". Shelton echoed this sentiment, adding that he doesn't feel their relationship status should be upgraded because it's what others want. It's a journey they are walking together - one step at a time.

Why rush into a marriage when you can spend time living each day to the fullest with the one who has your heart?

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