#AmITheDouche: "I don't want my husband in the delivery room when I'm giving birth"

#AmITheDouche: "I don't want my husband in the delivery room when I'm giving birth"

It's supposed to be one of the biggest and happiest days of a parent-to-be's life, but this expectant mother does not want her husband to be around for the big moment. Her decision has prompted a question on this week's edition of #AmITheDouche. 

Delivery room / iStock
Delivery room / iStock

Listen as Stacey and KZN discuss this week's topic, or read below:

This week's #AmITheDouche is not something that I can completely weigh in on because I have no experience with childbirth. However, I can give some advice based on the experiences of my friends. 

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Producer Sihle sent me the message forwarded to us by Prishnee who is currently expecting her first child - cute! 

In addition to the drama that goes with it, she is having some pre-birth drama which includes her man - oooh! 

Check out the message below: 

Hi Stacey

My husband and I have been married for four years and I’m eight months pregnant with our first child. 

I’ve told him that I don’t want him in the delivery room when I give birth cause I just think it would make me uncomfortable. 

He does not understand and says I'm denying him a big moment in our lives. I have tried to compromise and say I will let my mother or his mother in to take video, but he is refusing. 

Am I the douche for not allowing my husband into the delivery room for our baby because i would not feel comfortable with him there?


Okay, my take on it is that she should be able to decide whatever works for her. As her man, he should not be feeling some type of way because, after all, she needs to make sure that she will be comfortable when it comes to all the pushing and whatnot. 

Also - shouldn't the video evidence suffice? Prishnee, you should be able to push in confidence, girlfriend! 

Is Prishnee a douche for not allowing her man into the delivery room? Let me know your thoughts by voting in the poll below:

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