#AmITheDouche: Anonymous is in a pickle regarding her child's choice of friend

#AmITheDouche: A caller asks if they're a douche for wanting to end a child's friendship over lunch options

Do you pack your child's lunch? Do you pack healthy treats or unhealthy treats? Read up, as maybe you are the parent Anonymous is complaining about...


In this edition of #AmITheDouche, a parent is concerned with their child's choice in friend... and it is impacted their health.

Below is Anonymous's letter to Stacey:

Hi Stacey,

So my child goes to a creche and I always try and pack healthy snacks for him and he has a best friend at school. The child's mother always packs unhealthy food for their child and it does not seat well with me.

My child tells me that the friend always shares his unhealthy snacks with him, what does my son do? He comes back home and ends up demanding sugar treats that are not good for his health.

I told the mother that if this continues I will not allow my son to play with their son because the sugar hypes him up. I do not want my child to not be able to sleep at night because of all the sugar he consumed during the day, on the other hand. This is my child's bestie, and I know he will be upset if I ended this friendship.

Am I a douche for promising to end my son's friendship with his bestie if the mother doesn't change her child's snacks to healthier treats?


Is Anonymous a douche?

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