#AmIADouche: 'I am paying my teenage son to lose weight'

#AmIADouche: 'I am paying my teenage son to lose weight'

To pay or not to pay - that is one the minds of listeners after hearing this week's #AmIADouche. 

Chubby child on scale / iStock (Dmitriy Protsenko)
Chubby child on scale / iStock (Dmitriy Protsenko)

Listen to KZN sharing their views on the topic, or read below:

As a parent, you are responsible for caring for your child and ensuring they are healthy and happy. 

One dad is questioning his parenting choice after admitting that he is paying his son to shed the pounds. He said that his son is 'slightly obese' and is at his wit's end to help him.

According to Diabetes SA, when it comes to obese children, "Africa is ranked as having the highest rate of obesity in preschool children in the world. South Africa was also listed as one of the top countries that have obesity issues. These stats were presented in October 2016 at a World Obesity Day presentation."

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Being a diabetic himself, he has valid health concerns for the wellbeing of his son. Here's the message he sent us: 

"Hi Stacey. My teenage son is slightly obese. I have tried everything to encourage him to lose weight and I even joined him on his exercise and diet but nothing seems to help. I grew up overweight and it’s even caused me to become diabetic. So I've offered my son an incentive. I am paying him to lose weight. R1000 for every 5kg. My wife says this is a bad idea. Am I a douche for paying my son to lose weight?"

Stacey posed the question to listeners, and they had a few choice words to share. Producer Sihle was having none of it. 

What do you think? Is he a douche? Let us know by voting in the poll below:

Listen to the podcast to hear how KZN reacted.

Main image courtesy of iStock/Dmitriy Protsenko

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