American woman loses her job for showing Donald Trump 'the finger'

American woman loses her job for showing Donald Trump the finger

After Juli Briskman flipped off the US President out of frustration, she lost her job and went on to get more exposure than she could have imagined.

Showing Trump the finger

Imagine losing your job over flipping the bird?!

Whilst riding her bicycle down a street, Juli Briskman saw President Donald Trump's cavalcade driving down the road. She rode alongside the cars and gave Trump the finger. The moment was caught on camera by a Whitehouse photographer - definitely not something he planned for in his day. 

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A few times a month I see road rage-fueled disgust being thrown out the windows of cars. I'm not a huge zap sign puller, but can imagine it must be quiet a liberating action?

This lady didn't expect the backlash after pulling the middle finger at President Trump's cavalcade.

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The pic circulated on the internet like wildfire and her employers took swift action by firing her at the fear of losing contracts.

After a few days of doing the rounds on social media and late night television shows, she was called in by her former employer's HR team and was dismissed for breaking the company's social media policy by using the image as her profile picture on Twitter and Facebook.  

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When asked what made her do it by Huffington Post, she said: 

Talk about gutsy! 

Since being fired she has subsequently received 100s of job offers.

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