AKA remains a gentleman, doesn't reveal details of Bonang split

AKA remains a gentleman, doesn't reveal details of Bonang split

AKA, Michelle Obama, and Chance the Rapper - Jane gives you her take on what they've been up to in her 'Hot Gos' segment.

Hot Gos with Jane

"If I was any less of a guy I would tell you the whole story" - AKA

Yoh, heartbreak hotel is not a nice place to be. Even just a quick visit is hard! We have all at some point had our hearts broken by someone, right? Maybe even when you were young and the other person didn't like you as much as you liked them... Eish!

We never get to see a vulnerable AKA. It's nice to see a different side to him and good on him for not spilling the beans on what has only to do with them.

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Chance the Rapper is coming to South Africa, but not to Durban

Just last week the news broke that Katy Perry would be coming to SA, but not to Durban. Now Chance the Rapper is on his way to SA, but, yup, you guessed it, not to Durban.

What a pity! They would so love Durban, what's not to love?

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Michelle Obama reveals what Melania Trump gifted her at the Presidential Inauguration

I still smile at the story Charlie Sheen shared about the gift Donald Trump gave him. Ha! 

It would seem Melania also has a hard time choosing what to gift at times. Sure, what do you give a lady like Michelle, who seems to have everything? A frame, of course!

I far prefer giving a gift than receiving one. I love seeing people's reactions when gifted. Sure, I like a gift, but for the most part, handing out is such a joy for me.

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