76-year-old woman teaches martial arts

76-year-old woman teaches martial arts

Age is indeed nothing but a number and this granny from India is proof of that.

Grandma kicks

Last week we had a post about the world's oldest body builder showing that age is just a number and once again we see this fact in true form.

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Yikes, this granny would so show me who's boss!


At the age of 76, she still masters the Indian martial art form of Kalaripayattu. In a video that has gone viral, Meenakshi can be seen fighting off a man half her age using only a stick, in front of a very pleased audience.


Meenakshi is such a pro that she even gives lessons to students around Kerala, Mashable reported. According to the report, she started at age six.


“Kalari demands dedication and discipline. The aspirants must try to achieve mastery over their body movements and balance in their training period. At this age I could easily perform Kalari because of the physical fitness I gained through practice,” she told the publication.


Below is the old lady in action.

The article first appeared on Jacarandafm 

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