40 years later, dad meets his daughter for the first time

40 years later, dad meets his daughter for the first time

After meeting his long lost daughter, this dad vowed to never let go. How heartwarming!

father and daughter meet

Once again social media has proven that if you use it with love and good intentions, magic can really happen.

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This past weekend was Father's Day. And while some dads were unwrapping socks and getting breakfast in bed, this 63-year-old dad got the best gift that a father could ever ask for - he got to meet his 40-year-old daughter for the very first time.

The daughter, Jyll Justamond from Colarado, found her dad via Facebook, a search which began after she learned that the people who she thought were her parents were actually her grandparents. According to ABC, her biological mom, who had her at 18, felt that she wasn't old enough to be her mother, so she allowed her stepfather and mother to help raise her as a child. 

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After making the discovery that her father could be still out there, she took to Facebook to search for her dad. All it took was one post that she made in a Facebook group and then the power of social media took over. How amazing!

This story made me feel so happy and warm inside.

A father and daughter united once again, how wonderful! It's a small world after all!

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