#TrendReport: Camping for the urban dweller

#TrendReport: Camping for the urban dweller

Camping and technology don’t seem like the most natural pairing, but a new start-up has done just that to try and appeal to a young, urban customer.

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When it launched, AirBnB changed the way we booked accommodation. 

By allowing people to let either part or all of their home to guests, it introduced a new element to the accommodation game. Tentrr is a new site that is being called the AirBnB of camping, and it takes the same approach to helping people find next level locations for an outdoor adventure.

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What they offer differs to the normal camping experience as the company is trying to appeal to people who aren’t necessarily the outdoorsy type to begin with. 

As Chris Reid, trend researcher with the International Trend Institute, discussed with Jane recently, it’s more tech-enabled 'glamping' than just another way to find somewhere to pitch a tent for the weekend.

 Listen to the details below:

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