You can now earn Smart Shopper points on alcohol app

You can now earn Smart Shopper points on alcohol app

Rihanna isn't the only one saying 'Cheers to the freakin' weekend'!

Alcohol Bottles App

It's the weekend baby!


That means you can finally let your hair down, relax at home, maybe have a braai, and, of course, enjoy a much-deserved glass of wine or an ice-cold beer if that's your thing.

But what happens when you come home only to realise your fridge is understocked, or even worse, not stocked up at all!

Whether you drink alcohol or not, you want to make sure you're set for the weekend and you have to do minimal effort. Busy shopping malls on a Saturday? No thank you.

Now Pick n Pay is helping you get the best of both worlds through the Bottles App!

Bottles launched way back in 2016 and was an on-demand alcohol delivery app that, just after two years, partnered with Pick n Pay liquor. By 2020 the company was working with close to 100 liquor stores.

Unfortunately for them, given that alcohol was banned for a majority of the nationwide lockdown, Bottles had to go back to the drawing board and turned to general grocery deliveries. Pick n Pay also saw an opportunity and bought the company in October 2020 and relaunched the app in December.

Pick n Pay, however, is quite famous for their loyalty programme - Smart Shopper. 

The programme is one of the most popular loyalty programmes in the country and has continued growing since its inception a decade ago. There are currently 8.5-million active members and according to Business Insider, they amassed over R3.5-billion in savings just last year.

If you are one of these 8.5-million members, then listen up, because they are giving you the chance to score even more points. The Smart Shopper loyalty programme is now being extended to the Bottles app!

You will now be able to score points on over 8,000 items sold on the app.

How does it work:

In order to earn Smart Shopper points, you'll need to add your card number at the end when you are checking out on the app. You will only have to input it once and from that point onwards your loyalty points will automatically be acquired.

As easy as that.

Pick n Pay realised that it only made sense to add the loyalty programme to their new app seeing as how the usage has gone up by 700% with people spending so much time at home.

Now that earning points through online delivery is possible, is going outside ever going to be necessary again? Especially since winter is coming?

If you're looking for us, you can find us on the couch, wearing our comfiest pjs, ordering all the snacks and without having to lift a finger. 

Okay maybe one, but that's just because we need to use it for ordering...

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