Year In Review: The commitment ceremony that had KZN talking!

Year In Review: The commitment ceremony that had KZN talking!

An exchange of vows on the very first show together may have been a bit much, no? Not for Stacey and J Sbu! 

Stacey & JSbu
Nobuntu Swartbooi

The awesome duo kicked off their very first show with a commitment ceremony that read a lot like a wedding ceremony. 

Listeners were left at the edge of their seats listening to where the conversation with Stacey and J Sbu would end up. 

If you missed that moment, listen to how it played out in the podcast below: 

J Sbu started off his opening show link with the following words: 

It seems KZN weren't the only people who were caught off guard, as Stacey was listening to her co-host recite what was sounding like wedding vows. You could hear her shock as to what was potentially happening. 

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If you would like a visual recap of that moment, watch below: 

Six months later, we are happy to report that the duo is still very much happily committed to each other and the show. 

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Here is to many more moments together! 

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