Year in review: Can you really buy a car for just R150 per month in Mzansi?

Year in Review: Can you really buy a car for just R150 per month in Mzansi?

Social media was abuzz in 2021 about a car that cost just R150 per month, but was it too good to be true?

A car for R150 a month, or R4900 cash has South Africans shook
Bajaj Qute

Have you been setting some money aside to purchase a new car? 

Well, earlier this year, South Africans were shocked to find what appeared to be a car that would only cost R150/pm! Naturally, it was topping trends on social media although it had begun as a joke on Twitter that a car would be as cheap as R150 a month. 

The car is called the Bajaj Qute.

Spoiler alert; however, the Bajaj Qute does not qualify as a car. In fact, according to Bajaj, the vehicle falls under what is called a quadricycle. This is because of the car's characteristics, which are those of a three-wheeler and a car. 

With the skyrocketing price of living in the country, not to mention the price of petrol, surely this would be a consideration, right?! 

Many South Africans took the mickey out of the car because of how it looks, but let's be honest though, it is still quite appealing to think about owning a car this affordable.

The Bajaj Qute has a 0.6 engine capacity and can do 36 kilometers with just a litre of petrol. The car can also carry four passengers at a time, including the driver.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, the car is not R150 a month. Instead, the Bajaj Qute retails at R75,000 and is available in Madagascar, Mozambique, and South Africa.

Watch some videos of the car that were circulating online: 

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