UPDATE: "I swindled The Tinder Swindler"

UPDATE: "I swindled The Tinder Swindler"

Would you #PostLikeSimon? 

Tinder Swindler

UPDATE: The Tinder Swindler women have launched a Go Fund Me page to aid with paying off their debt.

The victims that Simon had swindled out of millions have come together and are trying to start a clean slate by seeking assistance from the public.

As the debt stands in their name, they are still liable to pay it despite the manipulative tactics and illegal activity of Simon. 

The women hope that the documentary and attention received will help them rebuild their lives.

If you would like to keep track of how much they have already raised. Click here.

Here's what you missed: 

Netflix has done it again!

This behind-the-scenes docu-series takes a look into the lavish lifestyle of Simon Leviev, who has been trending on all social platforms. 

The story that has our jaws dropping is going viral and finally the stories of the ladies that were swindled out of millions are being heard.

Simon Leviev poses as a wealthy, jet-setting diamond mogul who actually woos woman online then cons them out of millions of dollars. 

The docu-series has us at the edge of our couches with so many plot twists and character developments that we forget that it is a real life story. 

Not only does Simon lie about his true wealth status and being the son to a billionaire who owns a diamond dynasty, but he also lies about his name. His real name is Shimon Hayut from Israel.

The Tider Swindler
Simon Leviev/Instagram

Simon orchestrated an elaborate Ponzi scheme whereby he appears to have an image of fame and wealth and makes the unlucky lady he meets on Tinder fall for him and develop a serious, intimate emotional connection. 

He treats his date to numerous luxurious experiences, shopping sprees, and expensive dinners over a few months until he lies about a life or death situation that he is in. He states that his cards are blocked and desperately needs money to ensure his safety.

Due to all that he has done for the lady and the appearance of vast wealth, the lady complies and parts with money on the premise that she will be paid back. He continues to lie and extort the lady, making her take out several loans, pawn things, and dig in to personal savings. The ladies have full trust that he is going to pay them back - they have no reason to believe otherwise. 

This continues to happen over and over again to various ladies all around the world until one day he gets unlucky.

Two of the ladies, Cecilie Fjellhøy and Pernilla Sjoholm, told their story to the Norwegian publication VG in 2019 in the hopes of preventing Leviev from entrapping other women. This inspires more women to share their story and create awareness about his lengthy scheme.

The public definitely clapped back and due to the assistance of one of the victims, Interpol was able to catch him in Greece. The Israeli police were able to extradite him for fraud, which lead to a charge of 15 months in prison.

Simon Leviev caught

The question that is on all our minds is where is Simon now and is he still swindling?

As the film shares, Simon was released early and continued to live his lavish lifestyle.

Simon Leviev
Simon Leviev/Instagram

So what is his new hustle?

Simon has since rebranded himself as a "real-estate expert". He used to sell access to his business advice and management workshops, however, his website was taken down. 

Tinder has finally banned him, as the pressure from the public after the release of the Netflix show has been overwhelming. His Instagram was also taken down.


If Simon wants to continue any of his schemes he will no longer be able to on social platforms. He will have to line his wallet over WhatsApp or SMS. 

In true social media style, many users decided to start another challenge called, #PostLikeSimon...

Below are some posts of a lavish lifestyle that embody this challenge

What are your thoughts? Are you going to take part in the #PostLikeSimon challenge? 

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