Woman's date goes wrong when 'dead' ex shows up

Woman's date goes wrong when 'dead' ex shows up

Imagine having to meet the ghost of girlfriends past?

Tinder date gone wrong

The online dating world can be filled with risks as well as rewards.

But meeting this unknown person for the first time can be stressful and be the make or break for a possible new relationship.

Most of us have terrible date stories and have experienced a dinner or coffee date where things were a bit awkward or maybe not going the way we had hoped.

Maybe the person just isn't the same as they were online or maybe they lied about certain characteristics. (To catfish or not to catfish...)

However, sometimes, people end up going on dates that end up going so wrong they make the news.

One of these is the story of Hannah, a 20-year-old looking for love who had been on Tinder and matched with someone before the start of the pandemic.

The pair have spent weeks chatting and finally, they were able to set a date and meet up in real life for their first encounter.

They were having a lovely time getting to know each other and although one isn't really supposed to talk about your ex on a date Hannah had no issue when her date mentioned his previous partner because she had sadly passed away.

He opened up about his ex-girlfriend's battle with cancer, spoke about the heartbreak he suffered and even showed her photos of the woman.

That's when the date took a bizarre turn.

Apparently her date had looked up, his face went completely white and he ran to the bathroom.

Stomach troubles possibly? No, worse.

As Hannah turned to see what had happened, she saw a woman who kind of resembled the person in the pictures she had just seen.

She realised that's because it was exactly the same person! As it turns out, he had no dead ex-girlfriend.

In fact, she was very much alive and they are the parents of two children, for who he had been "working overtime to support".

Hannah understandably was shocked and at first thought, she might have been hallucinating. She spoke to the woman and it was clear that this was all very real, and he even explained that he didn't consider lying about a dead partner a big deal.

As the woman had come over to speak to Hannah, she had asked her if she was on a date with him, Hannah explained what she had been told before leaving cash on the table for her meal and walked out.

Hannah has not been on a date since.

And who can blame her? We would need some recovery time after an incident like as well.

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