Woman shares why she thinks South Africans always make things work

Woman shares why she thinks South Africans always make things work

South Africa has its faults, but we always make a plan...

Security guard pulling up a broken boomgate
Security guard pulling up a broken boomgate/TikTok Screenshot/@wholesome.mils

No matter what might go wrong with our country, there is always a way forward. 

And as a nation, we have proved that time and time again. 

With our recent Rugby World Cup win, we have all been giddy over the excitement and pride that radiated through all South Africans far and wide. 

Rightfully so, some might say, and we completely agree with the sentiment. 

Celebrating our triumphs has certainly brought us together and together is always better. 

One woman has shared yet another reason why she loves South Africa. 

And the comical twist to her video really has us laughing out loud for the weekend. 

Watch the reason she says she loves South Africa below, courtesy of TikTok.

@wholesome.mils my love grows for this country everyday, also my man is living in 2060 he was the best #fyp #southafrica #ilovesouthafrica #christmas #randscapetown #dubula #traveltiktok #wearesouthafrica ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey


Her post was definitely received well, here's what people had to say: 

  • "South Africans are incredibly tenacious, but we are forced to be. Our country is undeniably beautiful, but it's important to remember 1/2" 
  • "It moments like this that makes South Africa so fun😂"
  • "Things don’t work but we have the best people! 🥰" 
  • "I’m proud of and sad for my people at the same time 😂" 
  • "I love how you love South Africa, because sometimes it just hurts to see how the very South Africans would come on here and trash this country." 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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