Which family member are you at family gatherings?

Which family member are you at family gatherings?

Family gatherings are a time to reconnect, bond, and create new memories - but we don't all play the same roles.

Family gathered for Christmas
Family gathered for Christmas/ iStock

Whether it is a wedding, Christmas, birthday party or family reunion, every family is notorious for the characters that make up the fabric of said family.

At family events, there are certain roles that are assigned to specific individuals. For instance, there is the crew who are known as the cooks in the family who attend to the meal preps that are needed for each event. There is also the crew that are known for their domestic capabilities, cleaning up after everyone - a job that is not the most fancied, but which is done with great enthusiasm.

Then there are the ones who are tasked with running the errands and, of course, the most envied of them all the family members - the socialites. The socialites of the family hardly ever help with the family event preparations, they are almost always on their phones, immersed in chatter with every aunt, cousin, and nephew.

On Monday afternoon, Stacey and JSbu shared which family member they are at family gatherings and then asked KZN to chime into the conversation.

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