#WhenInKZN: KZN's ridiculously hilarious tips for Tom Cruise in SA!

#WhenInKZN: KZN's ridiculously hilarious tips for Tom Cruise in SA!

"I hope they bring their own generators!" - Dillan Naidoo.


We live in one of the most diverse countries in the world and we always come together during the toughest of times.

So, how do we make it through the daily challenges that we're faced with?

As South Africans, we find the humorous side of any situation - we love to laugh!

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Laughter is either our coping mechanism or it's just is in our nature as a nation.

When we announced that Tom was cruising to Durban to shoot some scenes for 'Mission: Impossible 8', KZN came through with a list of tips for Tom and his crew - and it's beyond hilarious!

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You can view the full list of comments below or see some of the


"Just take a drive on the M7 and you will have an action packed movie!" - Jean-jacques Labuschagne

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"We do Mission Impossible every single day when we manouvre through taxis and traffic in Durban. All he has to do is drive through peak hour traffic and that will be the highlight of his movie with fans around the world left open-mouthed in awe!" - Bharath Bhagwan


There were also some beautiful ones that made us feel proud to be a Durbanite:

"I am shore the shooting wii be a success because a lot of bollywood action movies was filmed in durban. The movie will also show the world how beautiful South Africa is because a lot of people around the world think we live in huts and lions roaming the streets." - Shane Mohan

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"The true heroes of Mission Impossible- SA Chapter is its citizens. We dodge every kind of situation on a daily basis. Bring it on Tom Cruise!" - Leslie Munsamy

"Hope he enjoys our food it's the best .We Indian food English cooking roasts braais at Florida road you can relax.Hope he has somebody to take him to the African township as well They have very good food that is SA tasty food.Ok the beach it's the best the waves are btfl the restaurants n hotels next to the beach you can choose .Next you can go to Umhlanga they have btfl coffee shops with lovely breakfast n bread freshly made.Leisure time in good atmosphere. Then you can go to n enjoy the hotels n sleep there." - Ambrosia Mckay

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Alright, now, let's make like Tom and Cruise to some of the hottest spots in KZN! 

View the full list of comments in the post below. Some of them get a bit deep, but let's take them with a little pinch of salt. See what we did there? Salt? Because we live by the ocean... and the ocean has salt? No?

In the words of J Sbu, "C'MON!"

Okay, we will let ourselves out!

'Mission: Impossible 8''s release date is expected to be in June 2024.

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