What is your number one rule in life?

What is your number one rule in life?

Today we spoke about rules. We want to know the rules that apply to you and the people in your life. Rules that cannot be broken. Period.

Stacey Norman
Nobuntu Swartbooi

On Thursday, Stacey & JSbu spoke about the rules you have set for yourself that you will never break. 

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We all have certain rules that we stand by and will never break no matter what. 

"If I tell you a secret, you must never share it with anyone else, and if I found out that you have, you will be completely written off by me," JSbu said passionately.

"Don't talk nonsense about my family" is Stacey's number number one rule.

Read what Facebook listeners had to say. 

If you had a number one rule, what would it be?

KZN had a lot to say about their number one rules that they stand by on a daily basis. Listen to the podcast to hear what they had to say. 

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