What was the shortest period you were in a job for?

What was the shortest period you were in a job for?

Our lives work when we are studying in high school, is to get into university to get a degree in order to get a job but what happens when you don't like the job you eventually get? 

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Stacey & JSbu came across an article from VICE this week on a former communications officer from President Donald Trump's White House staff compliment. 

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In the article, Anthony Scaramucci shared that after just 10 days in that job he handed in his resignation. That has to be some record? Ten days?! That's barely long enough to establish a morning coffee routine, let alone introduce a medium-sized houseplant to your desk.


Jobs have become very scarce nowadays, especially during the pandemic. There are not enough businesses that are open, there's a shortage of resources, and to top it all off, everyone is trying their best to keep their households afloat. 

But sometimes the job we find ourselves in might not be what we want or envisioned for ourselves. 

So, KZN, we want to know, what's the shortest amount of time you've stayed in a job? Share your stories with us - we would love to know if anyone has left in less than 10 days...

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