At what stage in a relationship do you REALLY get to know someone?

At what stage in a relationship would you say is when you really get to know someone?

One of the best parts of a new relationship is finding out what makes the other person tick.

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It is the butterflies in your stomach, the excitement you get when they call or send you a text at random - these are all the little joys of new love. 

However, at what stage would you say you REALLY get to know the other person?

According to a new survey shared by Business Insider, it take a few months, seven to be exact, in which one can really say that they know someone. 

A high percentage of people shared that it took them either living with their romantic partner or travelling with them for them to not only really truly know them, but to know whether they are the one or not. 

For Stacey and J Sbu, the latter situation is true for their work relationship. 

Prior to the beginning of their show 'Stacey and J Sbu Weekdays' , Stacey and J Sbu had never really hung out with one another. They would see each other in passing and that was it. Their communication was minimal, so they really got to know each other through their show as it was progressing on air. 

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This provided some random, vulnerable, and funny moments for us, the listeners! 

One such moment - when Stacey shared that she finally could say she really knew J Sbu, was when the duo went on their first long weekend away with #SweetEscape. 

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Stacey and J Sbu spent a weekend together in the beautiful St. Lucia for the #KZNHasItAll campaign, which is being run by Tourism KwaZulu-Natal. 

The dynamic duo took a two-and-a-half-hour road trip to explore our beautiful province. The trip also allowed Stacey and J Sbu to spend some great quality time together outside of the studio.  

As the team was getting ready to leave, they noticed that one member was missing in action - and that was none other than J Sbu. After several attempts to wake J Sbu up by knocking on his door and calling him, Stacey entered his room to find JSbu peacefully unaware and snoring away - loudly at that.

J Sbu previously claimed to Stacey that he is a light sleeper and that he does not snore, so when Stacey made this discovery that refutes his claims, she knew that she had to capture it on tape. 

In case you missed that moment, listen to the snippet below: 

For added pleasure, we also have the visuals that occupy the audio - KZN, here is a walk down memory lane: 

At what stage of a relationship would you say you really get to know someone?

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