What happened to the kids named 'Winner' and 'Loser'?

What happened to the kids named 'Winner' and 'Loser'?

Is a name just a name or does it hold more meaning than we give it credit for?

Person writing down baby name ideas while drinking coffee
Person writing down baby name ideas while drinking coffee/iStock/Jens_Lambert_Photography

There are those that believe in the importance of a name. 

It has been said that a person's name can either pave the way for their success or remove them from the rat race altogether. 

Whether that is true or not is completely subjective in our opinion, but whether or not you believe in the power of a name in the first place will determine whether the theory is true for you or not. 

In saying all of that, did you ever hear of the story where a father, Robert Lane, decided to make the bold decision to name two of his kids 'Winner' and 'Loser'?

"Robert Lane was already the father of five children with quite common first names, but apparently he was plagued by the thought that the choice of name could have an influence on a child’s future. What life might a person with a truly winning name lead?" (OnlyFunFacts)

In 1958, Lane named his sixth child, Winner, and when another baby came three years later, he asked his eldest to name the baby and she came up with 'Loser'. 

Ironically, the two men, Winner and Loser, lead lives that are completely in contradiction to their names. 

Winner went down one too many wrong paths and had many run-ins with the law, while Loser got accepted into a college with a scholarship and went on to be a Detective. 

It turns out the name is only as powerful as the person who holds it. 


"Today, the two brothers hardly see each other anymore. Occasionally, Winner will call Loser when he needs money again, but as a man of the law, Loser tries to keep contact to a minimum. As a result, Winner and Loser are no longer close." (OnlyFunFacts)

We guess this might be the reason why so many people who make it big end up changing their names. 

After all, the importance of a name is undoubtedly so much a part of your legacy and your accomplishments (and failures). 

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