Wedding Wars: Is this what it means to be a Groomzilla?

Wedding Wars: Is this what it means to be a Groomzilla?

What are you willing to do for your significant other? And where do you draw the line.

Groom asks fiancé to uninvite sister from wedding harassment
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Marriage is obviously a pretty big deal.

It's not just you making a promise to your partner but also their entire family.

So it's only fair to say that if you marry someone you kind of marry their entire family; the good, the bad and the ugly.

And while everyone knows the classic wife and mother-in-law toxic relationship trope, you don't really see any other in-law relationships being given the same negative attention.

One particular groom has found himself in a very interesting predicament and it involves his sister-in-law - cue the drama!

A user, who goes by the name of u/aita_weddingtroubles, recently posted on the popular Reddit thread: "Am I The A**hole" and he asked other users to have a look at his situation and help him figure out: was he actually the one in the wrong?

He starts by explaining that his fiancé's sister used to live with the couple.

During that time she displayed some very troubling behaviour and made him feel extremely uncomfortable on various occasions.

He tried to have multiple conversations with his partner, who would just dismiss her "harassing" behaviour as being "no big deal".

The sister eventually moved out but now the fiancé wants her sister to be her maid of honour at the wedding and the groom is uncomfortable with the arrangement.

You can read the full post below:

While it might not seem like the stereotypical sexual harassment behaviour, many commentators were quick to point out that he was not overreacting and his feelings were completely justified:

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