WATCH: YouTube chef cooks chicken by "Slapping It... a Lot"

WATCH: YouTube chef cooks chicken by "Slapping It... a Lot"

We are all for unconventional ways and short cuts to having our food on our plate quicker but we may give this a pass! 

WATCH: YouTube chef cooks chicken by "Slapping It... a Lot"
YouTube Screenshot From Louis

What if we told you that you could cook a chicken from the heat you generate from slapping it...

Yes, you heard right. 

YouTuber Louis Weisz, has stunned the culinary world after he tested out the theory of being able to cook protein using the combination of heat and slapping.

Weisz, constructed a super speedy and customizable ( in case you are ever looking for it) chicken slapper that can actually cook a chicken with no stove insight. 

It does require a lot of work though. 

According to Science Alert, a 2019 Reddit post may have been the inspiration for the video as it originally posed the question of whether converting kinetic energy into thermal energy could cook a chicken. 

It was only after some mechanical help and a specially configured rig that Louis was able to get his chicken cooked. Louis figured out that keeping the chicken at around 55-60 degrees Celsius for at least an hour would be enough to cook it through. 

After some failed attempts, mostly due to mechanical issues, Louis hit the jackpot! 

According to Louis, it takes about 135, 000 slaps across as many as 8 hours to slap-cook a chicken using around 7,500 Watt-hours of energy. 

Watch to believe it for yourself below:

Image courtesy of YouTube screenshot from Louis Wesiz 

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