WATCH: Toddler's hilarious run-in with a cow has parents cracking up

WATCH: Toddler's hilarious run-in with a cow has parents cracking up

This kiddo's reaction to seeing a cow in real life has left locals laughing their socks off!

Little boy fearful of cow
@Bleek_Thusi / TikTok

A recent video from Durban-based TikTok user @Bleek_Thusi has gone viral, garnering over 62k likes and tickling the funny bone of parents everywhere. 

Titled "Results of Cocomelon kids," the video shows a precious encounter between a toddler and...well, let's just say farm life wasn't quite what he expected.

The clip opens with the little boy, surrounded by the sights and sounds of a farmyard. Our little one breaks into a full sprint, fleeing the bovine beast in what can only be described as adorable terror. 

Tears welling up, he's scooped up, only to declare in a high-pitched, cartoon-like voice (complete with an accent), "Shoo that was close!" while dramatically wiping away imaginary sweat. 

Cue the parental laughter – a sound that undoubtedly resonated with many viewers who've witnessed the unexpected fears of their own little ones. Here are just a few of the comments:

@Thando Pop said:
“The "shuuu that was close" took me out!”

@Zaahid commented:
“It’s the wipe over his forehead for me.”

@iykykamg wrote:
“My problem is that after the 'shuu that was close' I would take him back and it was gonna be closer this time.”

The video perfectly captures the sometimes hilarious disconnect between a child's perception shaped by colourful cartoons and the realities of the farmyard. 

So next time you're planning a trip to the countryside, be prepared for some unexpected giggles – and maybe a few startled tears with your little one. Take a look at the clip, courtesy of TikTok, below: 

@bleek_thusi #kids #cocomelon #farmlife #cow #hazelmeredam #foryoupagе #fyp #southafricatiktok🇿🇦 ♬ original sound - Bleek_Thusi🇿🇦♥️
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Image courtesy of TikTok


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