WATCH: Stacey and J Sbu try out the viral fitness chair challenge

WATCH: Stacey and J Sbu try out the viral fitness chair challenge

Stacey and J Sbu love a challenge, especially one that pits them against each other - and today was no different. 


In a battle of the sexes, Stacey Norman feels that women always come out on top. Naturally, J Sbu, who is ultra competitive, thinks otherwise. 

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There is a new viral craze that has hit the internet - the #ChairChallenge. 

How does it work? The challenge is really simple; individuals take two steps from a wall and bend at the waist so that their head touches it. Then someone puts a chair under their upper body, pick it up to their chest, and try to stand. 

Unsurprisingly to Stacey, most women are pros at this. Standing gives them no trouble whatsoever, bringing up the question as to why this is a challenge at all?! 

It is when men are seen attempting the challenge that the struggle is clearly visible. Most men freeze up, bent over and unable to stand. As with most things in the world, the conspiracy theories have begun as to why women seemingly are better then men at this. 

The interwebs have attributed women's success to everything from just superior core strength to a smaller shoe size (yes, this was an actual comment) to a better awareness of the space their body takes up. 

According to physical therapist at Metro Health Medicare, Eric Shadrach, the reasoning behind this is all scientific.

Watch an example of a couple trying out the #ChairChallenge below: 

So, will Stacey or J Sbu come out on top? 

Watch below to find out! 

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