WATCH: Siv Ngesi starts off 2021 with some "Drag"

WATCH: Siv Ngesi starts off 2021 with some "Drag"

Siv Ngesi has decided to shake things up in 2021...

Siv Ngesi
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The local star unveiled his new drag persona to the world on Thursday by sharing a video of himself getting into geish – a colloquial term for getting into drag – for the first time with the help of 'SA’s Got Talent' finalist and well-known Cape Town drag queen, Manila Von Teez.

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Not so long ago, people came for Siv because of his choice of new fitness regime, not knowing that he was about to unleash an even bigger transformation on them. 

That clearly didn't hold him back because in the video that was shot, Ngesi explains that he’s always been inspired by drag performance, referring to it as an incredible art form.

Siv Ngesi

He also went on to state that he wanted to do drag but was hesitant because of his beard – even though bearded queens do exist. Who knew?! 

Von Teez, the person who helped with Ngesi's transformation, explains why she’s blocking down Ngesi’s brows to create a new brow shape and feminising his appearance. She also gives a brief explanation of 'tucking', guiding Ngesi through the process.

Siv Ngesi 2

As if the video itself wasn't enough to get people talking, the 'Knuckle City' star goes on to ask his fans for a drag name for his new persona. Talk about entertainment...

Ngesi also decided to squeeze in the the 'Buss It Challenge' that surprisingly received a positive reaction from Twitter:

But Siv's shine doesn't stop there. Last year, he tied for the Fag Hag of the Year award at the Feather Awards.

When he spoke about sharing the win, he said: 

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