WATCH: 'Marry me now!' a womans ultimatum to boyfriend at retail shop

WATCH: 'Marry me now!' a womans ultimatum to boyfriend at retail shop

Wedding planning is known as being one of the most stressful things one can do, that and moving. It takes a lot of planning and can cost lots of money.!

Bride at work demanding a wedding on the spot
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Social media is in a tailspin after a story broke of a woman who showed up to her partners work place dressed in a wedding gown demanding him to wed her on the spot. 

Read:  "Not at my wedding! If you propose at my wedding, it’s on!"

To set the scene, this demand was made at a Target store in Las Vegas which is where the bride in waiting's groom to be works. Mind you Las Vegas is also known as the  'Entertainment Capital of the World'. We can't yet make up our minds on if this act on the woman's behalf was entertaining or just darn right embarrassing. 

In the video footage, shared by Tik Tok user @boymom_ashley that has since gone viral on social media, you can see the woman in a bridal dress, accompanied by a bridesmaid and pastor as they march through a Target store in Vegas. The woman can be seen walking through the store trying to find her partner. When she eventually finds him, working in one of the aisles, she tells him that if they don't get married then it is over.

The video has been viewed over five million times on TikTok, in the video, the woman is heard saying:

At some point it seems as though her boyfriend has heard her demanding plea because he begins to follow her out of the store where apparently the sermon is supposed to take place, however, the fiancé still seem confused, saying:

Watch the video below: 

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