WATCH: Man turns dead uncle's skeleton into a fully functional guitar

WATCH: Man turns dead uncle's skeleton into a fully functional guitar

This is undoubtedly a front runner for the most bizarre story that you will hear of in 2021. 

Prince Midnight
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If you are someone who considers yourself to be open-minded and you still feel that way after reading this story about a man named Prince and his late uncle Filip, tell us how! 

Prince Midnight (what a name!) has paid tribute to his deceased uncle in the most unorthodox way. He has done so by turning the skeleton remains of his uncle into a fully functional guitar. 

Yes, you are reading that correctly. 

As hard as it may be to imagine, there is actually a really endearing story behind the 'Skelecaster'. 

Uncle Filip passed away more than 20 years ago as the result of a car accident. After his death, his skeleton was donated to a local college in Greece, where it was used for educational purposes for two decades. 

When the school no longer needed the skeleton, it was returned to the family. Prince's family do not believe in cremation and the cost of a burial was too expensive so the family were at a crossroads on what to do with the remains. 

After fighting a long battle to regain the possession of his uncle's skeleton, Prince decided to pay homage to his metal music loving uncle by turning his skeleton into a guitar. 

Are you feeling a little better about the story now? 

Prince shared with heavy rock publication, MetalSucks, photos showing just how he put the instrument together and a video of him playing the DIY guitar.

The torso serves as the “body” of the guitar, to which Prince Midnight added a neck, pickups, volume knobs, and more. Written on the headstock is “Filip Skelecaster”, an appropriate name for the custom axe.

Watch the video of the ensemble of uncle Filip's skeleton into a guitar below:

Image credit: Youtube/ MetalSucks

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