WATCH: A life-size cake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?!

WATCH: A life-size cake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?!

Forget the lockdown banana cake recipes, there is a new cake in town and it is a towering delight!

Harry and Meghan

When it comes to food, would you agree that how good the food tastes is just as important as how the food looks? 

Lara Mason, who is the CEO of Insane Cakes - you already know where this is headed, nearly broke the internet with her step-by-step video of her latest creation. 

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However, it isn’t any ordinary design, it’s a life-size version of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex… made entirely of cake!

Yum, no?

Lara documented the entire process in a now-viral TikTok video, which currently has 3.3-million views.

The clip features a time-lapse of how the cake came together, a sight to be seen! The video begins with Lara arranging multiple cake tiers to resemble the shape of Prince Harry and Markle’s bodies, which are topped with printouts of their faces.

From there, she places sheet cake after sheet cake on the display before sculpting the dessert into the desired silhouette. The last step includes applying fondant and modeling chocolate, which doubles as their clothes.

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Mason decided to recreate the now iconic engagement announcement photograph of Harry and Meghan:

Not only did Mason try, but she also knocked it out of the park (in our humble opinion).

Watch the video and see the image below, do you think she nailed it? 


This one was NOT easy....

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The question remains though, did the cake actually taste good?

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