WATCH: Kayaker surprised by "flying" shark in Ballito!

WATCH: Kayaker surprised by "flying" shark in Ballito!

Things that can fly: birds, fish, planes... and sharks?!

Flying shark
Joanne Boyd/Facebook

There are a lot of creatures in the animal kingdom that can spread their wings and fly away.

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One can almost be certain, however, that there are far more animals that can't take flight.

Unfortunately, there are quite a number of birds that can't fly, which is strange, but we as humans have never questioned the fact that no species of shark can fly.

It seems obvious why that would be a strange concept but just imagine if flying sharks did exist in this world?

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Would you ever feel safe enough to walk outside? Also, it would just look strange.

As it turns out, Ballito is home to the world's first flying shark! 

Facebook page I Love Ballito posted a video that was originally shared by Ballito local, Joanne Boyd.

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The video captures a shark seemingly "flying" out of the water and up into the air before it crashes back down into the ocean. Joanne's son had captured the incredible moment while fishing one morning.

You can watch the video here:

Well, we have to admit, this shark might not have been flapping its fins across great distances but it did manage to propel itself out of the water and far up into the air.

While her son remained wonderfully calm, we are not sure we would have been able to do the same if we were in that situation!

Social media groups are also blowing up as everyone is speculating as to what type of shark this could possibly be and so far the guesses include: Great White (a classic), a bull shark, a blackfin, and our personal favourite, a spinner (A spinner is an actual species of shark).

If you plan on heading to the beach this weekend, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any other airborne animals!

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Main image courtesy of Joanne Boyd/Facebook

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