WATCH: Juju advises newlyweds: "You must give your mother money so that she does not fight with your wife"

WATCH: Juju advises newlyweds: "You must give your mother money so that she does not fight with your wife"

Attention men of KZN, Julius Malema has some advice for you that could save your marriage! 

Juju and his wife

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships are notorious for being either good or really bad. However, there is also another relationship dynamic that does not get spoken about. 

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That is between mothers and mother-in-law. 

One of the main factors that play into these relationships almost always has to do with money. This is often the case when the son of a child who carried the financial burden of the family marries and has to now care for his new family but still look out for his parents and siblings. 

An unlikely source is looking at helping navigate these relationships between mother and mother-in-law. 

Juju, as Malema is affectionately known, was recently recorded at media personality Tbo Touch's 40th birthday celebration. The EFF leader offered the guests at the party some pearls of wisdom on how to deal with the relationship between daughter and mothers-in-law. 

Addressing the distinguished guests who included local celebrities, business people and musicians, Malema spoke about how men tend to spend their money on useless things as he gave Tbo Touch some marital advice. 

Juju emphasised the importance of taking care of both mom and your mother-in-law to help protect your wife. 

Juju further shared that when sons get married, the mothers often get scared thinking that some 'little girl' is going to take their place, and that the real reason that mothers do not get along with their daughters-in-law is that they do not like their mothers. 


His advice for men who want to make sure that they are loved by their mother-in-laws;

Do you agree with Juju? 

Watch the video below: 

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