WATCH: US influencer labels Mzansi ciders "alcohol crack"

WATCH: US influencer labels Mzansi ciders "alcohol crack"

This video got us!

South african cider cheers
South african cider cheers / canva

Ain't nobody party like us here in Mzansi. 

We have many great delicacies in South Africa, but this week our alcoholic ciders are taking centre stage. 

It all started when one hilarious US TikToker called Savanna, "Alcoholic crack".

Watch the viral video here: 

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@theafrofuturist_ Savannah #fyp #blackonthego #theafrofuturist #johannesburg ♬ original sound - George Washington III

This TikToker shares his concern over how the alcohol knocked him. Apparently, the hangover was next level!

He shares: “Let me give you a playback. This morning I woke up. First of all, I'm not sleeping at a place that I wanted to sleep in, the chairs are all pulled out from the table, there’s stuff all over the counters and I'm like damn man I just got robbed. Then I thought about my night and what I had before I went to sleep.”

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One user shares: “People that drink Savannah need their own country."

On the other hand, one user said: “You have been officially welcomed to South Africa, I can't stop laughing. Thank God you are safe and nothing happened to you."

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"If this is what he thinks about savanna, just wait until he tries moonshine," says one local user. 

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