J Sbu receives a saucy private inbox message from a secret admirer!

J Sbu receives a saucy private inbox message from a secret admirer!

Public service announcement: J Sbu may be KZN's most eligible bachelor! 

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It is a well known fact that humans can be really weird. 

Especially humans on the internet, hence why almost everyone has a story of a weird, outrageous or just plain cringe private inbox message story that they have received. 

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J Sbu had this first hand experience. The radio jock constantly gets inbox messages from listeners of the show or fans of his music. Most of the time the messages are super chilled and almost are similar to one another.

However, on Tuesday, J Sbu received what started out as a flirtatious string of messages from a stranger on his Instagram that ended really awkwardly. A KZN woman decided to 'shoot her shot' at J Sbu, unfortunately for her, her advances were met with a polite dismissal from J Sbu. 

See below, a picture of some of the correspondence: 

Please note: To protect the young lady's identity- her name has been hidden.

J Sbu screenshot from Instagram

The unidentified woman takes the rejection from J Sbu with a pinch of salt and signs off with the following: 'Kiss our son goodnight for me.'

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J Sbu, who is the proud father of baby Zanda, was left speechless... a first for him. 

Following the revelation, the producer of Stacey and J Sbu's show managed to track down the mystery woman, whom had the following voice note to share with J Sbu: 

Has a stranger ever flirted with you via your inbox? Share the message with Stacey and J Sbu in the comments below.

Listen to the podcast to hear what the verdict was after JSbu heard the voice note from the mystery woman:

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