WATCH: Alicia Keys goes undercover to surprise riders in heart warming video

WATCH: Alicia Keys goes undercover to surprise riders in heart warming video

Not only does she have one of the most well known voices in the world, but we would say Alicia Keys is also one of the most recognisable celebrities around, no? 

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A natural beauty who opts for the minimalist look, barely any make-up, and simple cornrows. Alicia Keys seemingly is one of Hollywood's most down to earth celebrities. 

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She is known for being soft spoken and having a calming energy, which would explain why so many of the riders were unassuming when they got into the front seat of the car with their driver, who just happened to be one of the biggest singers and songwriters in the world! 

Keys went undercover for 'Undercover Lyft', which is a mix of car pool karaoke that we know and love and everyday people having meaningful connections between drivers and passengers, and developing the overall community.  

In the four-minute video clip, Keys is seen wearing a red and black flannel shirt with a hat covering her hair, and big sunglasses concealing her face. Throughout her interaction with the various commuters, whom all at some point make eye contact with the star, Keys quotes her most famous song lyrics when speaking to them. As if that was not obvious enough, Keys drops some major hints as to who she really is when she teases one rider about her husband, Swizz Beats, saying the following: 

Yet, still no one picked up on the massive hints!

WATCH the hilarious video below:

In the last few clips of the video, riders' reactions to the big reveal are shown. But the best one of all was when a young rider exclaimed: "I need to put on my Chapstick, man. I'm sitting next to Keys, and stuff."

Aah, man, as if we could love Alicia Keys anymore!

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