VIRAL: This is how The Queen eats a banana

VIRAL: This is how The Queen eats a banana

This is the #fancy way to go bananas at tea time...

This is how The Queen eats a banana
This is how The Queen eats a banana / @UOldguy

Have you ever wondered how you would eat a banana in front of The Queen of England?

Nope, neither have we, but this viral tweet has us questioning everything...

On the one in a million chance that you get the opportunity to wine and dine with her majesty or join her for a spot of tea, this is how you need to eat a banana:

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In this week's lesson in Etiquette 101, William Hanson, an etiquette and chivalry specialist, teaches the audience how to eat a banana like a Queen.

The internet is going bananas after we learn that we are meant to use a specific knife and fork to eat this fruit, as captured in the video above.

William is seen using a fork to 'royally' hold the banana in place. He then cuts the two ends with a knife and proceeds to slice the banana diagonally so that the peel comes off. 

It is later opened to reveal the fruit within. Now, he simply uses a fork and knife to cut up pieces of the banana and eat them.

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Many viewers have taken to Twitter to share their hilarious comments and responses:

We hope you remember this interesting fact the next time you eat a banana.

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