TikToker analyses woman's outlandish issues with the dating pool

TikToker analyses woman's outlandish issues with the dating pool

According to this woman, she hasn't been in the dating pool for some time, but after getting back in, she feels like she deserves better...

A woman with braids seated in her lounge
A woman with braids seated in her lounge/TikTok Screenshot/@mightijamie

Being in the dating pool is anything but smooth sailing, as it comes with its fair share of sharks. 

One woman proved that after she decided to share a very one-sided story that didn't quite add up. 

Either she was legit 'delulu' (delusional) or she was just trying to get people talking on TikTok. 

After admitting that she had been out of the dating pool for around a year, she pays tribute to taking time for herself, her career, and self growth. 

Off the bat, we get good vibes from her. She's an independent woman and she values success. 

But then her story flips as she shares that she met this guy and they have only been out on two dates. She was planning a holiday and everything was paid for, but she needed some spending money. 

And so, she asked him for spending money. This is when things went sideways for us, as she goes on to make a big deal about the fact that he sent her R5,000 and that was not enough. 

TikTok influencer, Mighti James, who usually focuses his content around more pressing topics, decided that it was necessary for him to talk about this woman's video. 

The confusing part for both him and many others who listened to her story was the fact that she said that she planned the holiday, so where was the need to ask him for money...

Also, she was jelly that he was in France for the Rugby World Cup, and after just two dates, she was complaining about how he can spend money on himself but not on her...


Watch the video of her sharing why she will be stepping out of the dating pool. 

Courtesy of TikTok


Lady says R5000 from a man she is dating is not enough. Blames dating pool.

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