#TheProfile: The 21-year-old from Chatsworth making history

#TheProfile: The 21-year-old from Chatsworth making history

Jashen Joel Govindsamy - more popularly known as DJ Jashmir, has been making waves and history for the last two months, inspiring young DJs from Durban to follow their dreams and use their creativity during the pandemic.

Jashen Joel Govindsamy,
Jashen Joel Govindsamy,

It does not get more creative than turning a well-known cellphone ringtone into a certified smash hit. This is what DJ Jashmir has done. The young Chatsworth DJ created an Amapiano remix of the iPhone ringtone. 

Jashmir used the default iPhone ringtone and mixed it with Amapiano, which he called: 'What if the iPhone ringtone was made in South Africa'. The #AmaiPhoneChallenge, which is a dance challenge that has taken Tik Tok by storm, has had over 4.4-million hits on Tik Tok to date, which are history making numbers for a South African creative. 

The #AmaiPhoneChallenge has gone beyond African borders, garnering global appeal. 


would you answer if this was your ringtone? I’d let it ring😂🔥🔥 ##Mzanzi ##amapiano ##mattjpower ##amapianodance

♬ iPhone Ringtone (Amapiano Remix) - Jashmir

This is not Jashmir's first viral online challenge. He has been busy this lockdown creating numerous challenges, including the #DontDrinkAndDriveChallenge, which had about 500,000 views.

Jashmir hopes to inspire young creatives:

JSbu caught up with DJ Kashmir about his success and future plans, listen to the full podcast below:

Should Stacey and JSbu join the #AmaiPhoneChallenge? Comment below and the team might just make their Tik Tok debut.

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