#TheFixer: "I’ve been dating a married woman for 6 months and now I think I’m in love with her”

#TheFixer: "I’ve been dating a married woman for 6months and now I think I’m in love with her”

Love almost always comes at you when you least expect it, even when society deems it wrong...

A man and a woman sitting together cuddling on the floor

Relationships can be tricky, especially when a third person is involved. Imagine... 

Read: "My boyfriend of two years wants me to choose between him and my best friend."

Love is very unpredictable and you can't control who you fall in love with, but sometimes you fall in love with the wrong people. 

On Wednesday night, Stacey & JSbu received the following message:

This must be a very scary situation for anonymous because no one ever wants to be put in an awkward situation or force someone else to make life-changing decisions. 

So, KZN, we want you to let us know what anonymous should do. Should he tell the married woman he is dating that he is now falling in love with her? 

To send us your stories, you can send us a WhatsApp message using the #TheFixer on 061 792 9495. Or you can email the producer, Zama, here: [email protected].

Listen to the podcast to hear what anonymous had to say:

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