Superhero video by Theater Student goes viral

Superhero video by Theater Student goes viral

Julian Bass, a 20-year-old theater major at Georgia State University, has an incredible talent...

Julian Bass
Screenshot from Julian Bass's Twitter

The theater major has definitely shown his love for Spider-Man. You can attest to this by scrolling through the videos he posts to his TikTok and Twitter accounts.

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In his most recent video that has now caught everyone's eye and has gone viral, the 20-year-old first pulls off a Jedi wielding a blue lightsaber, then turns into Ben 10, before his final transition into Spider-Man. 

He asked his followers on Twitter to retweet the video "enough times that Disney calls."

Twenty-million views later and Disney called, but wait for it... they weren't the only ones.

Apparently Bass said these aren't just retweets — he's also getting messages from "bigwigs" such as Marvel co-president Louis D'Esposito and people from HBO Max.

Let's hope for him these are all opportunities that could potentially lead to a role in front of the camera, despite his special-effects work behind the videos created.

Watch the Tik Tok superhero videos: 

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