Stop what you're doing and look at your hand: Do you have smartphone pinky?

Stop what you're doing and look at your hand: Do you have smartphone pinky?

Seems like we have a pretty good reason to put down our phone.

Smartphone pinky medical condition

What are you reading this on right now?

Probably your phone, right?

Whether you're reading it on your phone or something else, listen up, because we're pretty sure you are probably using a phone daily.

While some medical conditions have truly wild names, most of them seem believable.

Except maybe a case of mad cow disease but that being said, it's not actually its official name (its real name is bovine spongiform encephalopathy).

But if you were to hear that you have been diagnosed with 'smartphone pinky', you might give your doctor a bit of a side-eye and be on the more skeptical side.

And we don't blame you.

As unbelievable as it sounds, and although it is not an official medical condition just yet, it is very real.

It was first brought to everyone's attention when a TikToker called @cllopez2000 posted the video below:


Kinda hard to see on camera, does anyone else have this? ##foryou ##fyp ##smartphonepinkie ##like ##share

♬ Smart Phone Pinky - cllopez2000

This video had everyone looking and really inspecting at their own hands for the first time in a long time and people started to notice something very strange.

Many users noticed that they too have the little bend or a tiny dent in their little fingers, now convinced that this has been caused by their cellphone usage.

While self-diagnosis is never the way to go, it does seem like it is a bit of a phenomenon.

While there is no clinical evidence yet to prove that smartphone pinky is legit, medical professionals have confirmed that there definitely are other conditions that can be linked to excessive cellphone usage.

Pharmacist Pareena Patel says that excessive phone use can impact your muscular function and can damage your joints, especially in the thumb and wrist area.

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter whether smartphone pinky is 100% real or not, you should probably spend a little less time on your phone anyway.

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